Welcome to SIEAT Engineering Pvt Ltd.

SIEAT Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is one of the firm at the leading edge of technology with all solutions under single roof having a vast resources of experience accumulated, while working for various projects. The basic Philosophy of SIEAT is to provide a superior design product while maintaining outstanding service and strict cost controls.
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Superiror Design Project


SIEAT provides superior topographic mapping of any site. High precision field techniques and automated office drafting enable maps to be prepared within tight time frames in an economical manner.

Expertise in Maps


Our map Scanning, Digitization and Drafting services are being widely used by a number of national and international organizations to manage and present geospatial data because of its flexibility and unique presentation techniques.

Hydrographic Surveys


SIEAT offers service for hydrographic surveying such as underwater mining or exploration, hydro engineering, and marine survey. We utilize the specific and performance marine survey DGPS instruments depending on your specific accuracy requirements.

Our Esteemed Client